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Glutax 35 ҹ GS

Glutax 35 ҹ GS
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觫Թ Glutax 35 ҹ GS


Glutax 35 ҹ GS ,

????????? Glutax 35,000,000GS
Sakura stemcell with SPF 100 UV Protection ?????????

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ҳٵҹ⹶֧ 35 ҹԡʡѴǹͧ紫ҡ ǭҤѲ ǹ㹼Եѳҧ RNA HA ¤ ˹ѧҧ͹繡
SELENIO ѧҧкԤѹҧ´觢 ͺѺõͺʹͧͧ÷Ѻ ҧ觢 ALFA LIPOIC õ駵鹪µ͵ҹ͹ ҧШҧѺǾó COENZYNE Q10 GROWTH FACTOR ǹСͺӤѭ اҧ ͧ Ǿó
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1 set 3 ǴҼѹ ǩմẺ IV drip

- Makes your skin white, smooth solf and radiant.
- Removes free radicals
- Increases the elasticity and moisturizer ofskin,
- Summarizing andreduce the pores of the skin which tends to enlarge anti aging
- Removes & vanishes scars
- Reduces pigmentation resulting from sun
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around
facial area
- Suppresses the formation of red and or dark
spot/ acne / blemishes / pimples

-Nano Glutathione 35000000 mg
-Grape Seed Extract 150000mg
-Sakura Extrack Stemcell 100000mg
-RNA White Cells 100000mg
-Acido Alfa Lipoico 250000mg
-Pro Coenzyne q 10 15000mg
-Acido Codico 50000mg
-Growth Factor 150000mg
-Collagene Naturale 50000mg
-Multivitaminico 150000mg
-RNA HA 15000mg
-Selenio 80000mg

10 Sets/Box

HOW TO USE:Combine a set of 1 set plus 1 in 1 SpuitThe best result is injection for 1 x in a week Follow up maintenance 2 weeks or once month Perform regular injection to speed u bleaching to get results bright for good rest

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